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Velvet Snowflake Wax Melts

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Step into the pristine embrace of Velvet Snowflake, where nature's purity meets an ethereal, velvety softness. This scent is inspired by the first touch of winter, with snowflakes gently falling, each carrying its own unique, untainted aroma. It beckons with the promise of a winter's day, where everything feels fresh, clean, and untouched. Every breath taken while melting these cubes feels like a rejuvenating escape into the outdoors.

Scent Progression:

  • Opening Notes: The experience begins with the invigorating freshness of chilled bergamot and the crisp eucalyptus leaf, evoking the sensation of breathing in the brisk, clean air of a snow-covered landscape.
  • Heart/Middle Notes: Delicate snowdrop petals bring forth a floral whisper, complemented by the sweet tenderness of apricot nectar, creating an immaculate and refreshing bouquet.
  • Base Notes: The aroma deepens with the unique scent of velvet-wrapped nectar, merging harmoniously with the grounding and earthy allure of amber woods.

Safety Reminders:

  • Do not leave your wax warmer unattended; it's essential to be cautious.
  • A heat-resistant platform is ideal for your warmer.
  • Ensure the wax is out of reach of young ones and pets.
  • Refrain from mixing the wax with any other substances.

Product Facts:

  • Our wax melts are made from coconut and soy wax, without paraffin, underlining their natural quality.
  • We employ a high concentration of fragrance oil for a robust and long-lasting scent.
  • Housed in a matte black melt box, each pack contains 2.8oz of wax, divided into 12 easy-to-use melt cubes.
  • The integrity of our scents is guaranteed by using phthalate-free ingredients and an eco-friendly ethos.
Velvet Snowflake Wax Melts