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Silk Négligée Perfume

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Silk Négligée weaves a tapestry of sensuality and elegance. Its fragrance, like a whispered secret, unfolds with the allure of creamy almond milk, where the delicate sweetness mingles with the earthy richness of ambrette. As the scent deepens, the warm embrace of vanilla and tonka creates a velvety base that is further heightened by the subtle musk, adding depth and intrigue. What truly elevates Silk Négligée to a realm of unparalleled sophistication are the soft floral notes of Iris, freesia, and tuberose. These delicate blossoms dance upon the senses, casting a spell of enchantment making Silk Négligée a fragrance that is as impossible to forget as the feel of silk gliding on your lover’s warm skin.

Scent Type: Feminine, Dark Floral

Prominent Notes: bright florals, tonka, musk

Fragrance Concentration: 20%

Item Volume: 1.4 fl oz

For best results, apply on clean dry skin. Target pulse points such as the inner wrist and neck. Do not rub to preserve delicate fragrance notes. Hold the bottle 3-6 inches from the body when spraying.

Ingredients: 100% ethanol (perfumers alcohol), natural and synthetic fragrance oils

Silk Négligée Perfume