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Pomona Eau De Parfum

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Pomona, was named and inspired by the Roman goddess of the same name, one of the guardian spirits, she is an agricultural goddess, responsible for the care and cultivation of fruit trees and orchards. Our Pomona, honors this fruitful goddess with notes of delicate black plum, creme de cassis, amber, vanilla, jasmine blooms, and light woods.

Scent Type: Feminine

Prominent Notes: plum, creme de cassis, vanilla

Concentration: 12%

Item Volume: 0.82oz/21g

For best results, apply on clean dry skin. Target pulse points such as the inner wrist and neck. Hold the bottle 3-6 inches from the body when spraying.

Ingredients: 100% ethanol (perfumers alcohol), fragrance oils

Pomona Eau De Parfum