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Obsidian Rose Perfume

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Obsidian Rose is an exquisite fragrance that captivates the senses with its enchanting blend of dark rose and candied tangerine. This scent is like a secret garden, where the velvety petals of the rose intertwine with the sweet, citrusy notes of tangerine, creating a harmonious symphony of aroma. As you delve deeper into its essence, the fragrance unfolds, revealing the subtle but intriguing presence of spicy cardamom and the rich, fruity undertones of plum. A hint of peppercorn adds a touch of boldness to this otherwise delicate bouquet, while the warmth of amber and the sweetness of vanilla wrap around your senses like a soft embrace from a gentle lover. Just a whisper of patchouli lingers in the background, adding an alluring depth to the fragrance. 

Scent Type: Feminine, Dark Floral

Prominent Notes: dark rose, sultry spices, amber

Fragrance Concentration: 20%

Item Volume: 1.4 fl oz

For best results, apply on clean dry skin. Target pulse points such as the inner wrist and neck. Do not rub to preserve delicate fragrance notes. Hold the bottle 3-6 inches from the body when spraying.

Ingredients: 100% ethanol (perfumers alcohol), natural and synthetic fragrance oils

Obsidian Rose Perfume