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Moonclaw II Earrings

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The moon no doubt has a strong effect on our moods and emotions. Sometimes we are in a difficult mood because of the moon. All is well, we are human. Go off Queen, I see you. The Moonclaw earrings are best worn as everyday earrings and give any outfit a bad attitude. Brass stamping with antique finish Sterling silver fishhook ear wires (rubber backers included) 3.25"

Available in Amethyst and Onyx.

Trollbinde (pronounced 'trahl-BINDA) means "to spellbind” in Norwegian and Swedish. Our jewelry focuses on what it means to be feminine with a purity of intention and design. Trollbinde breathes new life into abandoned materials from shuttered manufacturing mills. A systematic process of transforming discarded bits and reimagining their otherworldly potential results in decorative and potent talismans, spirit animals, and sacred symbols you can put on as part of your everyday armor. Combined with selected gemstones and earthly materials, Trollbinde produces modern majestic artifacts for any of your life's journeys.

Moonclaw II EarringsMoonclaw II Earrings