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Moon Struck Glitter Wax Melt

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Under the enchanting glow of the moon, where the celestial orb mirrors the world's magic, you find yourself immersed in a captivating reverie. It's as if the very essence of romance is encapsulated in this captivating tapestry. The scent of pistachio cream gently envelops your senses, its creamy richness invoking a tender embrace.

But it's the intricate dance of spices that truly sets this fragrance apart, like a bewitching waltz of flavors in the moonlit garden. The warmth of cinnamon kindles a fire within, its spicy allure igniting the senses like the excitement of a new beginning. Cardamom and clove join in the dance, their aromatic presence infusing the air with an intoxicating blend of desire and mystery.

As the fragrance unfolds, the silky sweetness of vanilla weaves its spell, sensuous and irresistible, like a promise of delight. Musk adds a sensual embrace, like the warmth of an affectionate touch, while saffron imparts a subtly floral undertone, reminiscent of the most tender moments in nature.

Safety Reminders:

  • Always be mindful with warmers; unattended ones can pose risks.
  • Set upon a heat-resistant surface for safe usage.
  • If you have kids or pets, ensure the melts are placed securely out of their reach.
  • Mixing your wax with other substances is not recommended.

Product Facts:

  • Our melts are handcrafted with paraffin-free coconut and soy wax.
  • Contains eco-friendly mica that glitters and gleams while it melts.
  • Featuring a rich concentration of fragrance oil, ensuring a mesmerizing aromatic ambiance.
  • Each gorgeous floral melt contains 1oz of wax, break apart for multiple uses.
  • Our commitment stands firm: eco-conscious and phthalate-free formulations.
Moon Struck Glitter Wax Melt