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Gee & Wizz Chat Makes A Candle Collection - PREORDER

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Available Now Through March 17th 12 am EST

If you are watching our Candle Subathon livestream over on and you did not win one of the Chat Make A Candle candles, you're welcome to order one here! 

The scents are decided live on stream, all candles are 6.5 oz, burn for approximately 50+ hours, and feature a delightful crackling wooden wick and coconut apricot wax. In order to select your scent, choose from the drop down variation menu. Scent 1 is the first scent we made on stream, Scent 2 is the second, etc. Listen carefully to make sure you order the scent that you want!

Here are the scents chat came up with:

1- Juiced Melon Jamboree Marigold & Melon, Nectarine & Honey, Cinnamon Embers

2- Scone in the Woods Raspberry Tart, Upper Crust (Bread), Iced Vanilla Woods

3- Pineapple Kush Pineapple Treat, Lush Island Palms, White Birch

4- Blushing Peach Smoothie Bitter Peach, Plum & Cream

5- Frosted Sea Glass Cactus Sea Salt, Seahabilitated, Blackberry Incense

Blindfolded Wizz Selects - Pirate's Wizz's Chest Rooibos Tea, Hope Chest, Black Cherry Merlot

6- Cactus Waffle & Rum Blueberry Waffles, Baja Cactus, Cedarwood & Rum

7- Forest Latte Spiced Caramel, Cardamom & Cream, Dry Woods

8- Berry Melon Bubble Tea Honeydew Bubble Tea, Apple Sauce, Juniper Woods

Blindfolded Gee Selects - Wrapped Gothic Strawberry Wrapped in Vetiver, Strawberry Guava, Gothic Rose

9- Book & Bar Library Whispers, Earthen Oak, Cedarwood & Rum

10- Birthday Tree Buttercream mint, Lavender & leather, White Birch

11- November Dreams November Rain, Angora Sweater, Cinnamon Embers

12- Cloudberry & Bubbles Honeydew Bubble Tea, Cloudberry & Balsam, Oakmoss & Cedar

13- Poppy Forest Wild Poppy, Nectarine & Honey, Monsoon Forest

Please allow up to 3 weeks processing as these candles need to be tested post stream.

Gee & Wizz Chat Makes A Candle Collection - PREORDER