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Checkmate Room Spray

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Checkmate is the scent that transforms you to a room amongst your most scholarly friends, as you puff your cigar and nurse your drink. Checkmate is how we imagine students at Oxford spending their winter break, deep in intellectual debates with heated chess matches, and a good bit of cheeky candor. Scented with warm carpets, hand-carved chess pieces, smoky oud, and burnt maple.

Our Room Spray is phthalate free and vegan friendly. We blend in house and never test on animals. Featuring a stunning glass Highly fragranced, a little goes a long way!


◉ 3 oz of highly fragranced room and linen spray

◉ stunning luxurious glass bottle with spray lock

◉ reusable sprayer (wash well and reuse with your own homemade cleaners, etc)

◉ Phthalate free and vegan friendly

Usage: External use only, spray in the air to freshen up your space, or spray on linens to make them smell amazing. Store away from children, pets, and heat sources. 

Ingredients: distilled water, DPG, nonionic surfactant, fragrance oil

Checkmate Room Spray