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Autumn's Elegy Wooden Wick Candle

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Descend into the heart of fall with Autumn's Elegy. Every flicker of its flame is a symphony of autumnal notes, a sensory story spun from the very soul of the season.

This bewitching blend opens with the crisp, yet hauntingly nostalgic scent of decaying and dry leaves, a tribute to the ephemeral beauty of fall. A true ode to the end of summer's vibrancy, these notes evoke the unique tranquility of watching leaves tumble and scatter in the wind, painting the earth in hues of amber and gold.

Beneath this initial layer of the fragrance, the rich, grounding aroma of fresh soil emerges, whispering tales of the once verdant life now returning to the earth. This scent is as comforting as it is mysterious, a reminder of nature's constant cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

As the narrative of Autumn Elegy's continues to unfold, the invigorating essence of autumn air sweeps in, carrying a chill that awakens the senses. The candle's fragrance captures this freshness perfectly, mingling it with the subtle scent of woodsmoke. The smoke note, both warm and ethereal, creates a sense of cozy firesides, of stories told under starlit skies, and the welcoming warmth of a hearth against autumn's cool breath.

Autumn's Elegy is a candle that encapsulates more than just a season; it is a mood, a memory, a melody. Let its gentle light and layered fragrance guide you through the haunting beauty of autumn's passage, creating a serene sanctuary within your own space. Fall under the spell of our Autumn's Elegy candle, a requiem for the fading summer and a celebration of autumn's timeless elegy.

Autumn's Elegy is a wood wick candle. Wood wicks should be kept trimmed to 1/4 inch to maintain a steady flame that is free of sparks.

Mood: fading summer and autumn's cool breath

Scent Family: earthy, woodsy, complex

Wax: 6.5 oz

Candle size: Medium

Burn time: Approximately 50 hours or more

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Autumn's Elegy Wooden Wick Candle

Quick tips for your Kauldron candle

☾ Allow candle to burn for at least 2 hours and no more than 4 during the first burn to allow wax to melt all the way to the edges

☾ Do not burn candle for longer than 3-4 hours at a time

☾ Always trim the wick 1/4 inch prior to burning to prevent mushrooming and sooting, improper candle care can result in sooting or candle tunneling

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