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Arugula Lumina Wax Melts

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Embark on a sensory exploration with Arugula Lumina wax melts, a vibrant homage to the effervescent spirit of nature itself. As they melt, your space is infused with the crisp, green vitality of arugula root, a scent that's as invigorating as a walk through a dew-kissed meadow at dawn. This lively beginning paves the way for the earthy sophistication of vetiver, grounding the fragrance with its organic depth and woody resonance.

In this verdant journey, the delicate, floral whisper of cyclamen emerges, adding an unexpected layer of complexity and a soft, almost ethereal contrast to the initial green vivacity. Just when you think you’ve unraveled all the layers, a zesty burst of grapefruit cascades through the aroma, infusing your surroundings with a citrusy spark that revitalizes and uplifts.

As these elements blend seamlessly in Arugula Lumina, they create more than just a fragrance; they offer an olfactory elixir that embodies the essence of life, growth, and the rejuvenating energy of nature. These wax melts promise a bright, renewing experience, reminiscent of a sunlit garden dancing with shadows and light. Each melting moment rejuvenates the spirit and refreshes the space with its clean, green symphony.

Always Prioritize Safety

  • Unattended warmers are a risk. Stay vigilant.
  • A heat-resistant surface is your warmer's best friend.
  • Kids and pets? Keep them at a safe distance.
  • Never mix your wax with any liquids.

Wax Melt Facts

  • Our melts are made with paraffin free coconut and soy wax
  • They contain a highly concentrated fragrance oil load, designed to fill your space with strong scent
  • Our matte black melt boxes contain 2.8oz of wax
  • 12 wax melt cubes are included
  • Our scents are phthalate free and we prioritize eco-friendly raw materials
Arugula Lumina Wax Melts