how it all began

how it all began

I am often asked how I got started as a small business owner. If I am being completely honest, I rarely know how to answer that question. Raven Beads and Designs, my first handmade brand, seemed to just *happen*. I was going through a bit of a medical journey during that time, and I had to quit my job at my college to devote my time to healing. Having always had a bit of nervous energy, I decided I would pick up some hobbies. Back in 2015, the resurgence of 90’s fashion (namely, chokers!) was hugely popular. I started with chokers, mostly things that fit my own personal style (goth-lite, if that makes sense). My friends loved them and asked to buy them and the rest is history!

A snapshot from our first in person event in July, 2016. Check out the old logo though!


Starting Raven Beads and Designs has had an enormous impact on my life. I switched my major to better have the tools to serve my business and I transferred to Southern New Hampshire University. I received a BA in Small Business Administration in 2020 and am now enrolled in the MBA program.  I decided early on in my small business journey that owning a brand is what I am the happiest doing. Raven Beads and Designs has since evolved to carry not only chokers, but necklaces, earrings, crystals, and even handmade candles, too. 

AJ snapping a quick shot of our first candle collection!

2020 was a challenging year for everyone, and especially for small businesses. It is because of the struggles 2020 brought and our efforts to overcome these hurdles that I decided to team up with my mom, Lisa, and open Kauldron. Unlike my original business, Kauldron is the result of many months of planning and allows Raven Beads and Designs to live on, but also supports and features items from other unique small businesses in our shop. Welcome to Kauldron and thank you for giving our business a moment of your time, we appreciate you.


Much love,


Gianna, owner of Raven Beads and Designs, and partner at Kauldron