Breathing New Life into Ghost Stories: Our Candle Reformulation Journey

Breathing New Life into Ghost Stories: Our Candle Reformulation Journey

In our continuous quest to deliver unforgettable olfactory experiences, we've taken our beloved Ghost Stories candle back to the scent drawing board and journeyed down an exciting path of fragrance exploration and enhancement.

Our goal was to maintain the soul of Ghost Stories while elevating its complexity and depth. The reformulation focused on three core scent enhancements: the addition of autumnal spices, a zesty spark of orange, and the intriguing depth of patchouli.

Spice it Up with Autumnal Tones

Firstly, we sought to imbue Ghost Stories with a richer, more authentic autumnal spirit. This led us to the warming trio of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. These spices are synonymous with fall and are celebrated for their piquant warmth and comforting undertones. By adding these aromatic spices, we've crafted a scent that truly captures the coziness of fall, reminiscent of home kitchens filled with baking treats and the crisp chill of autumn air.

A Zesty Touch of Orange

The Ghost Stories candle originally had a strong sweet opening, led by sugary marshmallows and soft vanilla. While we've retained these nostalgic elements, we felt the need for a counterpoint to cut through the sweetness and add a lively spark. Enter orange rind, with its vibrant zestiness that perfectly contrasts and balances the initial sweetness. Just like the unexpected twists in a thrilling ghost story, this fresh citrusy note adds an element of surprise and excitement to the scent journey.

The Mysterious Allure of Patchouli

Lastly, we've added an exotic element that wasn’t in the original formulation – patchouli. Known for its earthy, smoky undertones, patchouli brings an additional level of intrigue and depth to Ghost Stories. It's a scent that truly brings to life the thrilling uncertainty and delicious fear of the unknown, reminiscent of spooky tales shared under a moonlit sky.

Through this careful reformulation, Ghost Stories has evolved into a more complex, captivating fragrance. While it still whispers the tales of the supernatural in every wisp of smoke, it now does so with an enhanced richness and depth that we are confident will elevate your scent experience.

We are incredibly proud of this new rendition of Ghost Stories and can't wait for you to experience it. Whether you’re a returning fan or new to our fragrance family, we invite you to light up a Ghost Stories candle, and let the spectral scents weave tales that will linger in the air, long after the flame has died.