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Alchemy of England

Raven & Rose Spoon Rest

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Limited Edition

This item is available for a limited time only and there is no planned restock at this time. Want to change that?

Let us know!

Note: This item is on sale because there is a small scuff in the paint on one of the Ravens. It is barely noticeable, but we don't want to sell anything at full price that's less than perfect!

A beautiful spoon rest decorated in the elegant Alchemy raven and rose design.

This spoon rest will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen either by the hob or hanging on the wall.

This unique spoon rest is designed by Alchemy and forms part of the high quality ceramic home-wares collection.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width 3.86" x Height 10.87" x Depth 0.39"
Raven & Rose Spoon RestRaven & Rose Spoon Rest