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Debut Rollerball Trio

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Limited Edition

This item is available for a limited time only and there is no planned restock at this time. Want to change that?

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The Debut Rollerball Trio is our very first rollerball fragrance collection. Featuring three beautiful and unique scent blends, this collection is something special. Each rollerball is 0.35 oz in volume and lasts for 3-6 hours.

Our rollerballs are made from a blend of jojaba oil and fragrance oils. Test on a small patch for allergies and sensitivities when trying new scents. For maximum effectiveness, apple to the “pulse” points on your body, like your wrists and your neck.

Now, time for the fun part…

Warlock is the type of scent that is impossible to forget. Spellbindingly unisex, mystically earthy, this blend features notes of violet accord, cardamom, iris, ambrox, cedarwood, leather, and sandalwood. Equally sensual and mystifying for every gender, Warlock is best described as a complex, fresh floral for those of us that aren’t crazy about florals.

Dreamweaver is like an elevated, adult version of a creamsicle. Exploding with notes of neroli, orange blossom, pink pepper, jasmine, caramelized sugar, vanilla, and musk. This scent truly is what dreams are made of. This creamy light floral is a sweet and creamy delicacy.  

Forbidden Fruit is an experimental blend of yuzu, vanilla, sandalwood, cinnamon, gardenia, juniper, botanical gin, red currant, balsam, cypress, cedar, and oak. Yuzu is actually a forbidden fruit, as it is illegal to import Japanese yuzu into the United States. This scent is very unisex, on the lighter side, and bright, mildly boozy, woodsy citrus blend. This scent is exclusively available as a rollerball.


As of right now, our rollerballs are available only in this bundle and not individually. You will receive three 0.35oz rollerball and endless hours of good smells.
Debut Rollerball TrioDebut Rollerball Trio